Clarence Charles was the father of Donte Charles, pupil at Waterloo Road Comprehensive School. He was very rich and incredibly lazy.

Personal StorylineEdit

Series OneEdit

Episode OneEdit

Clarence receives a phone call from his son and immediately drives his stretched limozine to Waterloo Road Comprehensive. He orders Donte’s English teacher, Andrew Treneman to hand back the confiscated phone. When he refuses and calls Clarence a thug, Clarence begins to beat him up. Head teacher, Jack Rimmer separates the fight and the police are called and arrest him. When Andrew realizes how serious the consequences could be for Donte he goes to see Clarence with the school’s head of pastoral care, Kim Campbell and is dropped of all charges on the condition that he apologises for his actions in front of the whole school. He does this much to the embarrassment of his son. The following Saturday he sleeps in front of the television while Donte slips out with some friends to kills one of them by accident.

Episode TwoEdit

Clarence comes back to the school to plead for Donte’s place at the school to stay and is successful until Donte is arrested on suspicion of drunk and underage driving, and Clarence is told he is disallowed to visit him.