Age 15, Year 11

Denzil worshipped his criminal big brother, Earl – an unhealthy relationship, which resulted in Denzil carrying the can for Earl’s psychotic behaviour and spending a period in a Young Offenders Institute last year.

Denzil struggled to adjust to Waterloo Road and has behavioural problems which are a result of his chaotic family environment. He’s always been labelled ‘thick’ by peers and adults alike. Far from being stupid though, he’s actually very bright - in his own cheeky way. Denzil sometimes struggles to fit in and often finds himself ‘playing the big man’, but it’s all an act - and he’s soft as marshmallow on the inside. Denzil has a tendency to be led astray by the people he idolises and became part of Kyle’s Jackass-style gang in series six - even risking his life once he’d got in over his head.

But Denzil faces even bigger problems in series seven - struggling with his sister Sam's illness and worrying about how his mum, Rose, will cope with the pressure