Donte Charles (portrayed by Adam Thomas) was a student at Waterloo Road Comprehensive School. His father was Clarence Charles and he dated Chlo Grainger.

Personal StorylineEdit

Series OneEdit

Episode OneEdit

Donte steals a younger child’s bus pass in order to get to school but is spotted by new deputy head master, Andrew Treneman. Andrew calls the police and Donte is given a warning. At break, he cuts his and his girlfriend, Chlo Grainger’s arms and promises to stay with her forever. In his first English lesson with Mr. Treneman he answers back without extending his hand and when given multiple detentions, objects by phoning his father, Clarence. His phone is confiscated but he cheers his father on when he turns up to fight his English teacher. Clarence is arrested and Donte has the threat of foster care hanging over him. Andrew releases Clarence but Donte is embarrassed by his father’s confession in front of the whole school and Donte spends Saturday night in front of the television while his father sleeps. He phones Chlo and two other friends and they secretly go for a drive in his father’s limozine. He is tipsy and does not look where he is going, overwhelmed by Chlo’s beauty. He ends up crashing into a huge lorry, killing one of his friends.

Episode TwoEdit

In Mr. Treneman’s lesson, one boy draws an image of Donte being hanged and so Donte tries to start a fight. Mr. Treneman sends him to the cooler, where he contemplates the day of the car crash and writes a note to Adam apologising for his death. When Hadley Flynn gives Donte a silent death threat that lunchtime, he flees Mr. Treneman’s watch and hides in a cupboard. Hadley and his cronies whip him with a belt and threaten him with a knife in the cupboard to get information from him. Ms. Campbell comes to his rescue but delivers him to the police who take him to the police station. When Chlo visits, Donte asks her to own up to driving the car before the crash, saying he will also own up so the authorities are powerless.