Episode Two of Series 5 is expected to air on 4 November 2009 on BBC One.

Plot Edit

The hostility between the ex-John Fosters pupils and their Waterloo Road peers continues unabated in the second episode of the new series of the school drama.

Tensions increase when Amy accuses Bolton of attempted rape, after luring him into the girls' toilets – an accusation that a bewildered Bolton strongly denies. New girl Lindsay James is quick to use the incident as further proof that Waterloo Road pupils are trouble, happy to have a distraction from her father's funeral, which is taking place that day.

Kim pulls an increasingly angry Bolton out of lessons to question him about Amy's allegation, but Max takes over, leaving Rachel concerned that Bolton will never get a fair hearing. As events escalate, Rachel is forced to leave school, having agreed to take Lindsay and Em to their dad's funeral. Lindsay is clearly only attending for Em's sake and Rachel worries about how she is dealing with her father's death.

News of Bolton's "assault" spreads like wildfire around school and while his girlfriend, Michaela, initially defends him, Amy's lurid description of the encounter soon leads her to have doubts. In the end, only Paul stands by his mate.

Meanwhile, Helen Hopewell is back at school and, desperate to blame someone else for her own inadequacies as a teacher, she accuses Michaela of pushing her down the stairs. In addition, there is trouble in store for Steph when her first official appraisal from new head of department Jo Lipsett is less than flattering.

Later, despite their professional differences, Kim and Max go out to dinner and the attraction between them becomes clear.