Izzie with daughters Chlo (right) and Mika (left)

Izzie's in her mid/late 30s, warm, with bags of charisma and a 'sod the rules' approach. She's a popular teacher (Drama and Movement) who wings it too much for her own good. She's easy and open and can have a laugh at her own expense with the pupils. She's also a single mum with two teenage daughters of her own at the school - Mika and Chlo.

Personal StorylineEdit

Series OneEdit

Episode OneEdit

Izzie’s best friend and colleague, Lorna Dickey reveals to her that her fiancé has just told her he no longer loves her. Lorna is distraught and Izzie tells her to go home and that she will confront Tom. She finds him ina pub later and after grilling him for a while figures out he has fallen for someone other than Lorna. She is angry but not as much as when he reveals he has fallen for her. She storms out and goes home, disregarding her children. She tells Lorna on the phone that Tom simply misses ‘the old Lorna’ and subsequently flicks through her diary. She realizes how much she thinks about Tom and that perhaps she does love him. She is still angry at him though and when he rings her she confirms they have no chance together. She is Best Woman at Tom’s and Lorna’s wedding and in her speech talks about her meeting with Lorna and how she values the couple as best friends. Having left her children in the company of her ex-husband, Jimmy Grainger she inquires as to how they are and finds that he has gone home to his girlfriend. This mixed with her newly discovered feelings for her best friend’s husband turn her hysterical and she sits outside of the wedding reception, smoking and waiting for a taxi. Tom finds her and consoles her to the point that they end up kissing passionately. She is shocked at herself and quickly leaves.