Izzy Redpath was waterloo roads drama teacher for the first 2 series. In the first ever episode Tom Clarkson tells his wife-to-be, Lorna Dickey, Izzy's best friend, that he cant marry her, as he has feelings for izzy. At the end of series 1 lorna tries , unsuccesfully, to commit suicide by jumping into a river as she discovers that tom and Izzy are together. Tom moves in with Izzy and the two of them are happy together, but when Izzy loses toms baby due to a fight with Lorna, things go wrong. Tom is , wrongly, accused of having relationships with a student and Izzy kicks him out. the two don't speak for weeks. This only ends when Lorna realises Izzy and Tom were ment to be and she tricks Tom and Izzy to come on holiday with her and they are re-united. On the same night, having sorted out her wrongs, Lorna commits sucide, leaving Izzy devistated. After finishing greiving for Lorna, Tom proposes to Izzy, and she agrees. The two of them would have lived happily ever after, but sadly not, Izzy sees Jed Seddon attacking the head master, Jack Rimmer, in the school car park at night, she runs to intervene, but Jed stabs her. Jed then runs off, leaving Jack bending over the body of his collegue. Jack didn't call the ambulance, but recieves a award, leading to he and Tom, devestated by his wifes death, having a fight. Izzy will be missed :(