Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell I'm max yes can we have word please yes what is it Rachel mason she as girlfriend who LIZZIE KERR down straight why she do that because she seeing her this weekend she now yes she is right I will talk to her yes you should Rachel mason yes max can we talk yes what is it KIM told me you have girlfriend LIZZIE KERR why you ask me this KIM told me you are seeing her and she saw you kissed her on her lips oh she saw me yes she did I don't want to see you again just go Rachel don't want you should go to her right now yes I should yeah you are 46 tulle street Greystone road WARWICK road C A 1 2 b a CUMBRA Carlisle LIZZIE KERR yes who is it Rachel mason can you let me in please yes oh my god LIZZIE KERR what happened to you who is it max Tyler why he did this to you because he was assaulted me he did yes he did right attacked me right let get your bags packed up let me get in my car put on your seat belt on okay let s go to waterloo road we are here at waterloo road right oh LIZZIE KERR I love you me too let me kiss you okay I will I think you are interested woman I know you better yes me too let s go to my places yes I will here we at my house right inside my house right let me go upstairs in my bedroom door locked right oh my god take our clothes off yes please less have sex now I will put you in bed oh yeah enjoy it okay I will do good lucky suddenly Rachel mason your girlfriend LIZZIE KERRxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx