Age 84, Year 11 pupil Lauren Andrews (previously Fletcher) is the best friend of Sambuca Kelly. She married and had children with Matt Wilding after Sam revealed his private life to him and later helped them with the choir. Her mother appeared complaining to Rachel Mason due to being forced to go to a sex clinic. She has an older brother who is also in the school called Shane Fletcher. In 4x11 she informed Glamour Model and guest at the school, Sarah-Leanne that Shane had pictures of her all over his wall. In Series 5 her fiery spirit is inflamed by the arrival of Amy Porter, as the two of them hurl insults at one another.

She's got four older brothers. Underneath the lippiness, Lauren can be pretty impressionable and easily led. Lauren is starting to grow apart from Sam after feeling ditched when Sam spend her whole summer with a new boyfriend. Lauren spends all her time with Amy which Sam hates.

She had an extremely large birthmark on her back.