Max Tyler is a new character in Series 5, played by Tom Chambers. He is the new Executive Head Teacher.

Character Edit

Executive Headmaster, Max Tyler, is a controversial character.  He has very militaristic attitudes and leans towards social conservatism favouring children of middle-class background and has a disrespect for women.  Max was Headmaster of John Fosters School and was promoted by his wife, Jennifer Headley to become the overseeing director of four schools in the area.  This caused a juxtaposition between Max's ultraconservative, authoritarian, fascist ethos and Rachel's fair, just, pastoral approach, where the school is a resource for the working-class community around them. The juxtaposition causes wars in the staffroom and Max tries to steal more and more power by setting himself at Waterloo Road permanently.  Max has a desire for power and dictatorship and this has been opposed by most staff including his initial supporters: Christopher Mead, Jo Lipsett, Tom Clarkson, Grantly Budgen and possibly Ruby Fry. The staff rebelled against his coup d'etat leaving Rachel in control of Waterloo Road and Max impotent and having to accept that Rachel is headmistress. However, Max wanted revenge (mentioned in his fifth episode) but his wife Jennifer Headley did not give in and supported Rachel. However, Rachel hates Max and wants to inform Jennifer Headley that Max is having an affair with one of Rachel's deputies, Kim Campbell so that Max can leave Waterloo Road for good.


Personal Life Edit

Max is married, however, it seems as if he is a philanderer. He flirted with Kim Campbell and had an affair with one of his former pupils, Helen Hopewell.

Factfile Edit

Played By

Tom Chambers

Age 30/40s


Occupation Executive Head