Melisaa Ryan is a character from series four of Waterloo Road. She is Rachel Mason's sister, and is carrying Eddie Lawson's baby after their relationship.

Character Edit

Melissa is Rachel Mason's younger, bubblier sister. Her heart is in the right place, but her endeavours have a tendency to goof up. She is a 'Goldie Hawn esque' kooky free spirit who has always sailed through life with an infectious joy and spark, but has never really stuck anything out for very long. The only serious relationship Melissa ever managed resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, but the marriage only lasted a couple of months.

Classic sibling rivalry means that Rachel at once envies Melissa's care-free exuberance for life, whilst Melissa believes she craves the authority and commitment Rachel has managed.

Relationship with Eddie Edit

In series four, Melissa began a relationship Eddie Lawson. Eddie later propsosed to Melissa, an offer she reluctantly accepted. Only her nephew Phillip Ryan knows her secret - she's still married to two men. This is revealed to Eddie just as the couple are about to leave for their wedding in the Bahamas. Eddie leaves Melissa as a result and begins his relationship with Rachel.

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