Ralph Mellor is the governor of Waterloo Road at the beginning of series four, and a policemen thereafter. He is the father of Flick Mellor, and has a bad reputation amongst Waterloo Road.

Character Edit

Ralph Mellor was the school governor of Waterloo Road with a bad attitude towards the school - he takes an especially strong dislike to Rachel Mason, the school's headmistress, as he doesn't like the fact she is allowed to teach after being a prostitute. He was fired as governor after tampering with drug test results - after calling a school drug test, Ralph was shocked when he realised his daughter Flick had taken drugs, so he swapped the tests with Flick's boyfriend Marley Kelly to frame him; Ralph dislikes Marley due to his family. Ralph then attempted to bribe Marley with £5,000 to leave his daughter alone. After Marley refused the deal, Ralph's hatred for him got worse until the point that he assaults him with a golf club, leading to his arrest.

Ralph's anger is going to reach new heights in the final episode when his daugher Flick is taken way from him...