At the start we see the head teacher is on top of the roof chucking paper everywhere. Jack Rimmer is now acting head, he quickly recruits new deputy head Andrew Treneman . We see that Tom Clarkson does't want to marry Lorna Dickey no more as he has fellings for best friend Izzie Redpath . Izzie tells him to marry Lorna even though she soon realises that she feels the same way. Izzie and Tom kiss at the wedding before Izzie realises what she is doing. Trouble make Donte Charles is called on by the police by Andrew at the bus stop, when he realises that Andrew is his English teacher he causes trouble, when Andrew talks back to Donte, Donte gets his dad to phone him in class so he can tell him, when Clarence Charles (Donte's dad) hears what Andrew is doing he comes to the school and starts beating Andrew up. Clarence is then taking away by the police. Andrew drops all charges when he talks to Kim Campbell (head of pastoral care) about Donte saying that Donte will have to go into care. Later that night Donte knicks his dad's limo and him and his friends (Adam and Holly) go to pick Chlo Grainger his girlfriend up, the limo crashes leaving Adam dead, Holly in a coma and Chlo with a broken arm.