Main Staff and Pupils in Series 2

Series 2 of Waterloo Road featured 12 episodes. The first episode of the second series featured a number of new main characters: pupil Brett Aspinall, sponsor governor Roger Aspinall and school secretary Davina Shackleton.

Series 2 began airing on BBC One Scotland on 14 January 2007 and in the rest of the UK on 18 January 2007.


Series 2 began airing on BBC One Scotland on 14 January 2007 and in the rest of the UK on 18 January 2007.

The audience learns that Lorna has survived what was portrayed as an attempted suicide at the end of series 1. As the series progresses, however, it becomes obvious that her troubles are far from over. Meanwhile, Tom and Izzie were expecting their first child together, until Izzie loses the baby after falling over during an argument with Lorna. After a period of manipulative and attention-seeking behaviour on the part of Lorna, she realises that she and Tom were not meant to be together. Lorna is diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and her life becomes even more stressful.

She re-unites Izzie and Tom, before committing suicide rather than living with MS. In the last episode of the second series, Izzie sees Jack being attacked, but then gets stabbed herself. With only Jack there with her, and no one around, viewers are left not knowing whether Izzie has lived or died.

Other notable storylines in series 2 included the arrival and departure of prospective sponsor governors Jerry Preston and Roger Aspinall, drug-dealing by Gemma and Jed Seddon, the alcoholism of trainee teacher Russell Millen, the bullying of Mika Grainger by fellow-pupil Leigh-Ann Galloway, Donte propeses to Chlo.

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Character DeparturesEdit

  • Roger Aspinall
  • Kim Campbell
  • Lorna Dickey
  • Izzie Redpath
  • Andrew Treneman