Yasmin Deardon (portrayed by Rhea Bailey) was a student at Waterloo Road. Her brother was Adam Deardon.

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Series OneEdit

Episode TwoEdit

Yasmin is distraught after her brother, Adam Deardon is killed in a car crash because of Donte Charles. He refuses to admit it and so she becomes very angry with him and his girlfriend, Chlo Grainger. She is so upset, she causes a mini-riot at her brother’s memorial service. She goes to a counseling session with head of pastoral care, Kim Campbell. Yasmin reluctantly follows Janeece and a boy, Hadley Flynn, who has a crush on her to tie Donte to a shelf in a cupboard in attempt to get a confession from him. Mr. Treneman shows Yasmin the note from Donte to Adam asking for forgiveness and so she tells Ms. Campbell where to find Donte and begins to forgive him, much to Janeece’s disgust.